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Rooted Discussions - Gardening with Native Plants

March 26, 2021

Welcome to Rooted Discussions, our roundtable conversations featuring top minds in the field of the topic at hand. On this episode, hosts Fran Chismar and Tom Knezick are joined by John Magee (Magee Designs, The Native Plant Podcast), Becky Laboy (Education Outreach Specialist, Ocean County Soil Conservation District, Jersey-Friendly Yards), and Richard McCoy (Richard A. McCoy Horticultural Services, Inc.) to discuss gardening with Native Plants. Topics include why to use native plants in your gardens, where to start, why the soil is so important to your gardening, and where to get your design inspiration.  You will hear about native plants you can't miss with, the myth of no maintenance, and opinions on cultivars. In the end, are you gardening for yourself, or the eco-system?  As an added bonus, the video will be available on the Pinelands Nursery YouTube channel. Music by RJ Comer. 

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